6 Tips for Using Terracotta for Your Interior and Not to Overdo It

6 Tips For Using Terracotta For Your Interior And Not To Overdo It 14

Tips and Tricks for Using Terracotta Paint for Your Home

Are you bored with the interior of the house? you can use terracotta paint to create the look of your home. It is a color that I do not choose too much because I am afraid that it will make me feel heavy and overweight. In fact, with the right finishes, terracotta colors can make your home look fresher and more stylish. Terracotta colors include brown, brick, or a mixture of brown. Terracotta is a color of leather with a warm heart. Unfortunately, overuse can make your home look itchy. So how do you use terracotta paint to match the interior of your home? For those of you who want to try out the colors of the world at home, we have prepared some special tips and tricks for you.

Do not apply to entire walls

The main mistake in applying terracotta paint to a room is applying it all over the wall. This will make the room dark because the colors of the terracotta like to darken. Not only will your house be dark, but the brown terra cotta used on all the walls and blocks can also make the interior of your house look narrower. Of course you don’t need it?

Combine with cool colors

It is not recommend to use terracotta paint on all the walls in the room, but that does not mean that the walls contraindicated! You can also apply terracotta paint to the walls. Except you just apply it to one side of the wall. Also combine terracotta colors with other neutral colors that look cool like white or sky blue. The mix of brown terracotta and neutral colors is minimal and pairs well with many home styles such as Japanese, Modern, and Bohemian.

The exposed brick walls give it a different feel

Putting terracotta paint on your walls isn’t just about painting. Expression bricks can used to bring more colors and shapes of terracotta to the interior of your home. These expanded bricks very durable and can be used as a blank wall or as a backdrop. What is certain is that the expanded bricks that create the brown terracotta can spruce up your home, just like the inspiration for Japanese houses above!

Terracotta floor? Worth a try!

Do you want to build a pretty Japanese or Scandinavian house that looks natural and comfortable? It should not only be on the walls but can also bring the terra cotta paint to the floor of your house. Choose brown or brick porcelain. The natural structure of the interior of the house immediately skyrockets. The point is, when using terracotta porcelain, the walls should painted in cool colors such as white or light blue.

Terracotta for furniture

Designing terracotta colors to beautify the interior of your home can be showcased with quality furniture. Choose large pieces of furniture in terracotta tones, like sofas or beds. In addition to furniture essentials, terracotta-colored furniture can add warmth to a bed or cushion. The use of brown terracotta for furniture recognized many things, which not only create a feeling of warmth, but also turn into a beautiful tone which makes the room more attractive.

Make it Just for Backdrop

These are the easiest tips for using terra cotta paint without giving it much thought. Try using terracotta colors for the background. The terracotta color can installed on the TV later. Using brown terracotta in ceramic form as a kitchen backsplash in the sink area is also worth a try. You won’t be disappointed with the results!


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