How To Properly Design A Multifunctional Kitchen

How To Properly Design A Multifunctional Kitchen 12

A small footprint also affects the size of the kitchen. Inevitably, he thinks that the size of the kitchen is getting smaller and narrower. In addition to creating cramped kitchens, occupants don’t think about aesthetics and focus only on working as a kitchen space. The solution allows you to create a multifunctional kitchen in your living space. A multifunctional kitchen design usually serves not only as a kitchen area, but also includes a dining area, laundry room, or other needs. This multi-functional kitchen design is perfect for homes with low land, as only one space can be used for other functions.

However, additional requirements for the kitchen should of course be taken into account in the area and not too much allow the kitchen with additional functionality. To achieve a multifunctional kitchen, focus on what you need. Think about the versatility you would add to your kitchen design. There are generally two other things that most homeowners use. That is, the kitchen is the dining room and the kitchen is the cleaning area. However, there may also be additional features.

Pay attention to the size

Depending on the attitude and activities of the residents, each has a different concept of the kitchen. People who don’t like to cook have more needs than those who like to cook. The size of the kitchen depends on what the owner likes to cook.

The minimum kitchen for those who cook infrequently is 26.9 sq. Ft. However, this size does not include the size of the refrigerator. But for those who love to cook, you will need at least 32 to 37.6 sq. Ft. Of land to place your microwave, stove, etc. You can increase the size of your kitchen by adding other items, such as a dining table.

Here are some options for multifunctional kitchen design.

Kitchen and dining room

The L model can be used in kitchens and dining rooms. One shelf is used for the kitchen and the other shelf is used for the dining room with a table length of 47.2 inches and a table height of 31.4 inches. Then add the stool with the simple design based on the chair.

If you want to save more, you should use a wheelchair that can be pushed or folded. With an extra table like this, you can use any material as it only works to support the wood with the wheels underneath.

The table can be used not only as a dining area, but also for other purposes, such as the placement of ingredients. So, when it is not needed, it can be pushed back and bent, so that it does not take up space. The sliding table has a length of 23.6 to 47.2 inches. When pushing, this table only serves as an extension table, not a dining table.

The bottom can be used as a drawer to save a lot of space. However, this size does not include the refrigerator. In addition to the refrigerator, it offers an area of ​​9.8 feet. The refrigerator also has two refrigeration doors (upper and lower doors).

Kitchen and laundry room

If you want to install a washing machine in your kitchen, put it somewhere more comfortable. When placed in a locked place, it is difficult to perform some tasks, such as removing clothes or removing clothes from the washing machine. Make room for your washing machine 33-35 inches high and 25-27 inches wide. This space is sufficient for a front loading washing machine. You can put cleaning utensils such as soap, dish soap, etc. Remember Clean water and drains should be provided after washing machine.

Pet Bathroom

After a frantic run through the village grounds, the family dog ​​can go do some cleaning inside the kitchen.


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