5 Easy Ways to Overcome a Hot Bedroom, No Need to Use The AC

5 Easy Ways To Overcome A Hot Bedroom No Need To Use The AC 15

If the bedroom feels hot, you no longer need to turn on the AC. There are a number of tips you can do to deal with a hot bedroom.

When the air is hot, the easiest thing to deal with is turning on the air conditioner or AC. The hot air disappeared instantly. You can relax without sweating and feeling hot. However, turning on the air conditioner is certainly a waste because electricity consumption can get out of control. Especially if you turn on the air conditioner all day long. Indeed, there are people who are used to using the air conditioner every day. Actually, there are many ways to make a cold room without air conditioning. A series of ways or tips at the same time to cool your hot bedroom at any time, even throughout the day with no AC.

How to make a hot room so cool without air conditioning

Make sure the windows and roller blinds are closed

The Family Handyman website states that 30 percent of unwanted heat comes from windows, curtains, and shutters. You can close the windows with roller blinds. Another option as a way to keep the room from getting hot is to use double curtains, one of which is made of thin material. The use of roller blinds can save 7 percent on electricity bills and lower the room temperature by up to 6 degrees Celsius. Actually, this is the same as making a green house or green house on a smaller scale.

Have Thick Curtains

The existence of thick curtains will block the sunlight that enters the house or room. Naturally, the presence of thick curtains will also make the room temperature drop. The Consumer Reports website recommends neutral-colored curtains with white plastic coating to reduce heat by 33 percent. Don’t be wrong in choosing curtains because there are many choices of materials.

Close The Door

Make it a habit to close the doors of unused rooms to prevent cool air from escaping from the room on hot days. Of course you don’t want hot air to enter and vice versa, cold air can stay in the room. It’s even possible if the cool room air can blow into other rooms in the house. So if you leave the house or enter the house, immediately close the door so that the house air is maintained,

Changing Sheets

When you sleep, of course you feel that the sheets made of cotton are certainly more cool and comfortable on the skin. It’s a good idea to change sheets from cotton so that your sleep is more comfortable, especially at night. Of course, so that the bedroom becomes cooler or cooler, even without air conditioning at all. Don’t forget to change your bed linen once a week, of course, it depends on your habit pattern.

Have Indoor Plants to Reduce Hot Bedroom Temperatures

The presence of indoor plants can have a number of benefits ranging from beautifying the room and home. Indoor plants also make the temperature in the house cool because they produce oxygen. In addition, some indoor plants can absorb toxins in the house effectively. One of them is Aglonema tree.

You can place indoor plants in the living room, dining room, family room, kitchen, even bedroom. But unfortunately this plant is toxic to pets so you have to be careful. The choice of placing indoor plants is one way to make the room cool and cold. Don’t forget to look for indoor plants that are safe for pets.


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