7 Best Tips for Open Plan Kitchen

7 Best Tips For Open Plan Kitchen 9

Do you dream of a minimalist open plan kitchen? For those of you who paid attention to the minimalist open plan kitchen design, there are some things to consider so as not to confused with the design. In order to open up a kitchen design in a small room and make your kitchen work wonderfully, before stealing these design tips.

Clean Up Space

The concept of good finishing in the house is always a clear distinction between area and function. Also, for more open kitchen design, we recommend that you choose a different floor design between the open kitchen and the dining area. Then, just try to make the two types of flooring you choose harmonious, like the carpet and natural wood mix above.

Choose A Simple Color Scheme

In particular, open kitchen designs for small homes will feel fresher and more beautiful with less neutral colors. It reflects the shine of the stainless steel kitchen to have a nice feel. In addition to colors that seem simpler, the choice of kitchen furniture accessories that can reduce noise, such as granite or ceramic worktops, also need to considered.

Use Smart Storage

The challenge in designing an open kitchen is how to organize all the kitchen appliances and equipment. Moreover, you can try wall-compatible kitchen cabinet ideas to keep the room white. Don’t forget the decor that keeps the cabinets open with the drawers closed to keep your open kitchen even more stylish.

Functional and Stay Friendly

The idea of ​​opening a kitchen is not far from the idea of ​​bringing the family together in a bright and beautiful space. So, consider planning to create an open kitchen that can include a cozy living space, such as the kitchen area not far from the central table or the dining area always connected to the living room.

Don’t Forget The Triangle Rules

Sink, fridge and stove – the main kitchen triangle should used well for the open kitchen. This plan simplifies the work in the kitchen, while allowing the flow of the room to seen as appropriate everywhere.

The More Open, The Better

For a better idea of ​​creating an open kitchen, consider external connections. If you can replace part of the wall with a glass door or a sliding door, you can give access to more light and space, as well as the beauty of your open kitchen.

Have Fun With The Decorations

The open kitchen is minimalist, but it is not forbidden to mention the uniqueness of the host. Follow the creative path and don’t be sidetracked by style restrictions. steals the idea of ​​a backsplash that compares to a carpeted floor while still maintaining an overall palette of natural green decor.


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