Peek into the Rainbow House from a Trip on the Fire Island

On his first outing to New York’s Fire Island 10 years prior, occasion organizer Jove Meyer realized he had tracked down his glad spot. “I went with my boyfriend at the time, and I was like: This is the most magical place I’ve ever been to,” he says. “There are people everywhere of all ages, shapes, and sizes—and the ocean is right there. And Also there are drag queens! I thought, Where am I? This is heaven.”

Chimney with yellow tiles and Samsung Frame TV

From that second on, he made it an individual objective to sometime possess his own place on the restricted, vehicle free island. So he purchased a small apartment in a center, which was extraordinary however didn’t have a lot of room to have companions. What’s more, since he couldn’t accepting a house in real money (as many Fire Island occupants do, to keep away from remodel grants), he was searching for a posting inside his spending that he could contract.

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Lounge room with yellow couch and rainbow draperies

Since it was truly intended to be, Meyer went to deal with redesigning. “I used all my anger and frustration from COVID and did all the demo work myself,” he says, reviewing that he needed to pull the house’s old massive furniture out onto the porch (an assignment that required weeks) prior to tearing up the rug—and then the three layers of vinyl flooring underneath it.

Dark kitchen with open racking

There wasn’t a room that Meyer didn’t contact—from the kitchen, which he opened up and supplanted with IKEA cupboards (his one lament isn’t introducing a hood over the oven), to the washrooms, which got new tiles and installations.

Pink and orange dividers on a room

“My job is to put a little bit of my style into my clients’ tastes, but it’s still their style, their personality, their relationships, and their stories,” he says. “So for this project, I wanted to do what made me happy with every decision, all on my own.

Blue tiled washroom with white dividers

In the adjoining lounge area, a white Tulip table focuses four vintage Cesca seats that Meyer found available to all on the footpath.

Lounge area with tulip table and rainbow draperies

Be that as it may, at that point there’s the custom subtleties, similar to the hand-painted chiffon drapes, a 16-board texture establishment by his companion Josana Blue, who hand-colored each piece on the back porch—and fabricated tents to secure them when it down-poured. “It’s all so magical because no one in the world has them.”

Front room with floor to roof rainbow shades

Another bespoke region? Fortunately, Parker was tingling for an enormous scope project like this (she as a rule paints blossom petals), so there she remained at the house for a couple of ends of the week to cover the dividers, beds, stepping stool, as well as surprisingly the undersides of the lofts in a custom painting that included foliage from Meyer’s terrace.

Painted painting on dividers and lofts

Bunkbed painted with a wall painting

These measurements will determine the height and width needed for drapery panels as well as ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted hardware.

Meyer says there’s even more to do at home, similar to paint the outside (he’s discussing a silver tone and naming the house Silver Linings) lastly, this mid year, have his companions. “Fire Island has always been a safe space to be yourself,” he says, alluding to the space yet additionally his adorning decisions. “I’m sure in 10 years, I’ll be like, why did I put tile in this house? But it works now, and I love it so much.”



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