Beautiful Picture Frame Wall Decorating Ideas On A Budget

51+ Beautiful Picture Frame Wall Decorating Ideas On A Budget 28

Arranging the layout and installation of photo frame on the wall of the house may seem like quite a difficult job. Many factors must considered so that the results of the arrangement look good. From the aspect of distance, color, frame size to the final form. Everything must have perfect proportions so that the house looks more beautiful and personal. Let’s check together the layout and how to attach photo frames to have an instant Pinterest vibe!

1. Fram Planning and Visualization on the Wall

Want the perfect photo frame installation result? Make sure you plan carefully. Take a piece of paper as a guide for the area of ​​the wall that will be attached to the photo frame. Then start drawing according to the number and size of the photo frames you have. It doesn’t have to be very accurate, this plan will help with a neater layout. 

In addition to drawing on paper, you can also put photo frames on the floor first so that they are carefully planned. After making sure, just display it on the wall. 

2. Find the Focal Point

The center or main part of a room can be the most ideal location to place a photo frame. This is the first area that immediately grabs attention the first time someone enters the room. For example the wall with the largest surface or above the main sofa. Usually at this point, paintings or works of art are often displayed to attract attention – including your collection of beautiful picture frames or frames. 

3. Collection as a Frame Unit on the Wall

For a collection of photo frames that you want to arrange simultaneously, aka more than 1 piece, it’s easy. Arrange to form one large frame consisting of several small frames. Thus, the shape is always symmetrical square from end to end. 

For a collection of photo frames that cannot form a single unit, you can arrange all the frames so that they are as neat as possible. Try to keep the symmetrical elements, themes, colors or red threads that are inseparable between the frames. 

4. Always Proportionate & Balanced 

Make sure the size of the photo frame is proportional to the available wall area. If the walls are limited, for example around the walls of the stairs, then the photo frame should not be too big. The distance between photo frames can also be narrowed. Conversely, a large wall can hung with a giant frame or several photo frames at once that form a complete unit. The distance between photo frames can be more flexible. The hanging photo frame unit is also ideally not bigger than the main furniture nearby, which is about 50-75% of the width of the furniture. 

5. The Right Height

The rule in hanging photo frames is parallel to the viewing distance. This applies to both photo frames and artwork. If it is difficult to determine the height from individual viewing angles, the general rule is to be about 1.5 meters from the floor to the center of the photo. This is the average height position often used in photo galleries. 

6. How to Hang the Photo Frame

There are many ways to hang photo frames on the walls of your home. One of the most common is with nails and hammers. But if you don’t want to damage the wall, then you can also use special adhesives that are widely available in the market. Most importantly, make sure the adhesive can withstand the load of the frame later. If the photo frame is large and heavy, there is nothing wrong with using the services of a professional for the best results.