Charming Open Kitchen Designs With Living Room

93 Charming Open Kitchen Designs With Living Room 31

1. The design of the living room blends with the kitchen under the stairs

Utilizing the detail elements of each room on the ground floor by applying the concept of open space combining the living room, dining room and kitchen at the bottom corner of the stairs very efficiently. A long room with large window openings makes additional space for your guests or relatives to sit while visiting, the absence of bulkheads or partitions makes the room feel more modern and spacious. The selection of retro pastel colors with a couch model can also be a sweet barrier for the living room and kitchen.

2. The design of the living room blends with the kitchen without a partition

A comfortable dining room thanks to a dining table set with a space saving stool model is able to make the unified space completely uncluttered. The size of the space fairly limited, but it can still provide free space for activities. The position that is in harmony with the living room sofa will make it easier for anyone to enjoy relaxing while watching the LED TV attached to the wall. While the kitchen positioned in a different corner but still in the same space element.

3. The design of the living room blends with the open plan kitchen

It looks different from before, in this third design you can see a perfect example of how a dining table set in the middle of the room does not hinder the appearance of a boring room design, it makes the kitchen atmosphere more fresh and relieved. The hanging lamp as unique lighting made in line with the kitchen area, while the living room is a more cozy room with a long sofa as a barrier and outside light from the window equipped with roller blinds.

4. The design of the living room blends with the kitchen in a minimalist home

The arrangement of the living room is very space saving, the division of space that is visible from all angles from the front living room, TV room and dining room has a unified concept of space. Overall, using a selection of softer and warmer colors, cream, brown, gray and white with various detailed motifs on each furniture is able to make the design of the space more shady and calming to spend time with family.

5. The design of the living room blends with the kitchen using a room divider

Different again, if you are still hesitant to function the kitchen as a living room at once, the following inspiration is suitable to apply in your home. Take advantage of the space divider in the form of a storage shelf as a separator between the living room and dining room which is open space with the kitchen in the back area. That way, even though they look separated, they still seem to be together, right?