New Ideas Into Open Concept Kitchen Living Room Layout House Plans Never Before Revealed

Recently, the design of open concept is a very popular new style. In the new design, the kitchen is not a special place separate from living room. Indeed, the kitchen is now a place where all the members of the family come together, voluntarily with other rooms, such as the living room and the kitchen with open concept.

Open Concept Kitchen Living Room : Mix well and easily at the same time!

The first idea is that you can place bar style chairs and tables between the living room and the kitchen, like in the example above. In the future, not only will it become a pleasant place for breakfast, but the chairs and tables will become an additional place to sit when visiting guests. Eits, it doesn’t stop there. Chairs and tables are also a soft effect in the living room and kitchen.

The chair is simple and perfect for any visit

You will agree that the main reason the living room should be in the kitchen is to provide a comfortable seating area for guests when they are not busy cooking to keep them satisfied. Well, the above idea is the best answer in this regard.

Open Concept Kitchen Living Room : Use glass walls as room dividers

If you still don’t want to use the kitchen as a living room at the same time, try the following tips. Use glass walls as a partition between the living room and the kitchen. This, even though they are separate, the living room and the kitchen seem to be together, right?

Just add an extra seat

Sometimes the kitchen doesn’t need a lot of alterations. Just added a few chairs and it immediately turned into a comfortable place for family reunions and hospitality.

Some additional seats for non-guests

If you and your partner have restrictions in your home and multiple guests are coming at any one time, add a few extra chairs in the kitchen as shown in the image above. As long as you choose carefully, the chair won’t make the room feel crowded and cramped.